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There seems to be an error if you're on offense, it's the 4th down, and you choose a running play. It seems like the ball gets turned over, without any gain or loss of yards.

'Villains' is misspelled.

Thanks again.

Thanks. I'll put the file as a download.

What browser are you running the existing version in? I have found that there were some errors I got in Firefox that I didn't get in Brave.

Can anyone suggest a place where I might promote this project, in the hope of getting some more followers?

There should be an option for a race/species to be destroyed, except for a single lost city.

I've updated the game, based on feedback I've received here and elsewhere.

I'd like to know what I should do next.

Add other possible reasons for being in the city?

Work on wilderness or dungeon adventures?

Add more possibilities to city adventures?

Or something else?

Let me know.

OK. Thanks. I'll try to come up with some plot stuff--perhaps mission-specific encounters--if there's enough interest in this project.

Thanks for your feedback. 

What is an example of how a game like this could have more plot?

The only loop that should be in the game is when some people demand a toll to let you pass--you can potentially end up running away from them, failing to find a route, and having to go back. So if it was something other than that, let me know.

Once again, thanks for your feedback.

This was good, but I think some kind of time limit would make it better. For example, if you have Charisma, it seems like it's always a strictly better choice to gather stories from the locals before doing anything else. Similarly, it seems easy to build up money by finding two planets, one that sells exotic items and buys common items, and one the reverse, and carrying goods between them.