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Hello Kokoro Reflections,

First want to say everything you make is great.  I have been buying your sets for a long time, and watched your art improve.  I appreciate your work and look forward to watching you improve further!

I would like to suggest a few tileset themes.  An arena (I would prefer Roman Era, but whatever you think would help the most people), a steampunk theme (city), and maybe a themed cities and town series?  I hope you continue and do twelve legendary temples and the library idea suggested sounds good, I personally can make do taking pieces of your old sets to create a library if need be but sounds like there is demand. Whatever you do, I will continue to support your work and thank you!


Celestrium Creations


Great!  Added the arena to the request list.  I'm adding the library theme to the priority list; you're right, there's a lot of requests for that right now.

Steampunk is also on the way, currently in setup!