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Would love to join a Patreon of yours, and second the sv battler export!

That would be a game changer!  So looking forward to it!

I second this request!

Yes, HUDMaker has animations and events for hovering over buttons or clicking them.  There is a lot you can do with this plugin, I use the PRO version to make custom menus.  The free version will let you do a lot as well.  You should check it out.  

Using SRDude's HUDmaker plugin (It is a bit pricey) works wonders and I feel is the easiest way.  You can also use other picture plugins and events.  It isn't plug and play.   Look up youtube videos!  Hope that helps!

If you are accepting ideas for future packs, I would love one in your style for UI, like for menu screens and the like.  I love  all your packs!  In any case, I am sure I will purchase whatever you have planned next!

Thanks for all the hard work and the update!

Happy holidays!

Awesome, thanks for taking the time and  letting me know.  I will check it out this weekend!

Thanks again, and appreciate the hard work!

This just made my day!  I had been using all your other icons and struggling with what to use for crafting materials.   Your work is awesome and thank you!  I hope you continue to make more icons or art in general, I can never get enough of your icons!

I am excited about the release and plan to make use of it!  Thank you!

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Any chance this plugin works with MZ?

Awesome plug-in by the way!

This seems like it is going to be awesome!  Definitely following you and look forward to seeing on Switch!

You can download 7zip for free, and it is better than WinZip anyway.

Great idea!  Awesome assets as always!

Wow, you surprised me with this one.  This is really good, and a bit more mature than your other sets.  I also thought the legendary palaces were done, I am glad entries are still being made.  I will be picking up several of your tile sets soon!  (Have to stay in my budget or my wife will get mad lol!)

Been watching this project evolve from the beginning, you are all doing an excellent job!  Super thrilled for 2.0!

I have a request of this set (and the others that are more doodads than tiles).  Is there any chance you can include a folder with the images as separate files?  It would help immensely when using doodad editors, but if not, no worries. 

Awesome job as always!  I really like your more imaginative tile sets, any chance you could do a world in a painting?  I am not asking for anything specific; I would love if you let your creativity take control.   

I second this request!

I respect you Sigma. I understand what you are saying, but I wanted to say something.  Time will prevent good communication by almost solely relying on games to communicate what's important.  Sometimes communication needs to be more immediate, and using different outlets is important.  I think you already understand this.

I want to explain my background  a little.  I have returned to school to study psychology and computer science, and I am creating games as an artistic expression, with a focus on mental health and society.  It is difficult to judge the opportunity costs as an indie developer, at least it's the largest challenge I have had.  Going back to college, maintaining a living space, relationships, game development, social media,'s a lot.  I have always wondered how you do it all. The community barely hears from me as I work, go to school, and work on games and programs.  I make the decision I will focus on that as I need to become a better developer.

I don't have time to play lots of games right now.  I am selective as to what I play, with the limited time I have.  I enjoy hearing from you and connecting with you, hearing about a mutual challenge and what your experiences have been.  I also agree with what you are saying.  I think most of your communication being through your games can be a good thing, but you should still utilize other methods as well, even if significantly less.  Communicating the way you do takes up lots of time, and if it impedes your game making, well, no one wants that.  

I look up and respect what you do.  You are an inspiration to many, including me.  I wrote this out of concern that by doing what it is you are proposing, your voice might fall to an occasional whisper, and that would be sad.

Thank you Sigma, and I do look forward to playing everything you put out.  You are one of the good ones!

This is an awesome addition!  Thanks for your hard work!

Hope all goes well, I can empathize with the frustration that can cause.

This would help rpgmaker users who use doodad plugins as well, and i would appreciate it.  I have already done it for myself for some of the sets

Great job, your icons are spectacular as always.  I appreciate the extra 20!

I would like to add inquisitive/pensive/deep in thought to the list of possible emotions.  (Thats just one, just put in different ways).  So important to demonstrate a character is thinking to themselves and not speaking!

Thank you for the updates!  The new dark mode looks great, and I love the new UI!  You guys are doing an excellent job!

I personally would love to hear about planned DC maybe in September or October update!

Thank you for the quick reply, I will make a purchase from you this weekend.  Look forward to all your releases!

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I wanted to say that all your work is fantastic!  Your art style is really appealing and there is a lot!  I would like to request an add on feature that would export SV batters in addition to the walking sprites to the character generator.  (Adding comment here because SV battlers are here)  I know that it's a lot of work, and frankly, it might be better to focus on other areas for your clientele as you aren't only rpgmaker.  Thought I would express the interest, and thank you for everything so far.  Huge fan!

The weapons included as a bonus in this pack, can I ask what they are? 

Thank you!  The 20 additional trinkets are appreciated!

The sets are compatible with RPGMaker MZ!

I am already making a game in this style, and I second StayAwakeGames request!  Your animations are great!

Have you ever considered doing a Patreon?  I would definitely join up for a reasonable price.  Everything you make is a must have!  You are very talented!

BonkyDev, I may have overlooked this, but what size are the tiles for this?  I really like your art style!

I would love to see what you do next!  (Vote for village from me!)

Any chance of a discounted ten pack?  Limited gaming budget, your price is more than fair for the quality.  Already bought most the rest of your stuff, anyone reading I highly recommend!

Awesome job LimeZu, I am inspired by your commitment!

Big milestone!

You can use the animations in MZ now as an MV style animation