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Aw hey-- thanks so much for your comment! I'm so glad to hear you liked the game!

Ivan (the writer) and I were very excited to get to work on this game together and we're EVEN MORE excited to work on some of the extra stories that we will be releasing for this game! So keep an eye out for those!

Always tough to hear when people get sad over going after just one boy but what can I say! These boys are poly-- so the boyfriends ending is the most satisfying, I agree!

Thanks for the glowing review-- and if you liked Tomai I would def check out the AWOO demo that Ivan has out right now. I'm the artist for it!

:D Also, one last thing, I saw you had put Tomai in your favorite games list on your profile-- which I'm very honored by but you misspelled it as "Toami" when it's actually spelt Tomai! X) Just thought you should know!

Oh, haha thanks for pointing that out! I end up making a lot of spelling errors when I type fast.

I'll definitely check out AWOO, I saw it before and took an interest, but I think I'd rather wait for it to actually becomes released so I can kind of go into it with no previous experience. I like your artstyle, it's very distinct! I think it gives these VNs a really good flair and stand-out look, which is really good to see when most VNs have plain text boxes and backgrounds, while yours are full of life and colour!

Also, it's really nice to see you actually responding to these reviews! It really makes you feel a connection between the creator and the consumer, and it feels really satisfying to know you're hearing the praise your projects receive ^-^

Oh gosh, well thank you and thank you! That's all very kind of you to say and I appreciate it//

I put a lot of thought into the textboxes for when I create stuff and I'm always trying to make it so each of my visual novels look different from one another. (Or as much as I can, considering I'm just one person!) Ivan and I are actually working on 1-2 new games to Yaoijam this month and next month so I think both of us are great to follow if you're looking to enjoy some raunchy good boys in the coming months~ :3c

Thanks again! <3

I'll definitely check back by then, already can't wait! Good luck!