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I'll definitely check back by then, already can't wait! Good luck!

Oh, haha thanks for pointing that out! I end up making a lot of spelling errors when I type fast.

I'll definitely check out AWOO, I saw it before and took an interest, but I think I'd rather wait for it to actually becomes released so I can kind of go into it with no previous experience. I like your artstyle, it's very distinct! I think it gives these VNs a really good flair and stand-out look, which is really good to see when most VNs have plain text boxes and backgrounds, while yours are full of life and colour!

Also, it's really nice to see you actually responding to these reviews! It really makes you feel a connection between the creator and the consumer, and it feels really satisfying to know you're hearing the praise your projects receive ^-^

This VN is soooo amazing!!

It's clear to see that there is so much passion and effort put into this! It really warms my heart to see cute and amazing stories like Toami. The story is amazing, the art is gorgeous and the soundtrack is very unique too. The characters are charming, and I just over all enjoyed this VN very much! I'm definitely looking forward to more of your work (as well as the work of everyone else affiliated)!


I tried going for Malik every day only to get my heart broken ;~;

The Boyfriends ending was amazing though! Warmed my heart so much to see them all happy together~

I managed to get all 8 of the endings in one sitting (took me about 3 hours with skip), but I definitely think the Boyfriends one was the most satisfying!

[End Spoilers]

Anyway, thank you for the amazing game! I hope you're able to continue making amazing work like this that will help inspire and entertain people all around the world! I think I would have to give it a 9/10 for the.. Actually, everything!