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Hi guys, this is an amazing modern war simulator, i remember when i was young playing with Ace Combat on my PS2, so thank you for making this feeling come out again.

Can you add the support for Saitek X52 pro and more Joysticks as well?

And a great idea for this game will be to make a cooperative  campaing and multiplayer servers to play one to one with your private squad some like one to one, teams of two players and squad vs squad will be super interesting this one for competitive carreer.

THX guys again for make this possible!! you are awesome.

What's wrong with the X52 Pro? Mines currently in the mail to me!

in my case the game seems like don't detect the joystick controller only detects Playstation and Xbox controllers :( the game looks awesome by the way.

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mine works fine, you have to switch the mode to joystick though.


I should say mine works fine, but when relaunching the game I need to rebind the joystick. The old bindings show "Joystick X52..." but when rebound show "X52 PROFESSIONAL...".

Hey there, This is a known issue for some joysticks.

I'm happy to say that it will be fixed in the next build! Sorry for the inconvenience.

thx man for making this awesome job I’m waiting the next version with a lot of enthusiasm