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For point 3 which view are you using, because each view has a different way it's indicated visually.

Not unbeatable.... if you equip bombs the area of explosion actually reaches..... but yeah- not the intended method.

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Love the new control GUI. I noticed the view X and view Y seem to be backward from the binding.\

Edit: After more testing the binding gets set correctly (hat moved left binds to x axis left) but the visual display shows the binding backwards (hat moved left shows x axis moved right).

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mine works fine, you have to switch the mode to joystick though.


I should say mine works fine, but when relaunching the game I need to rebind the joystick. The old bindings show "Joystick X52..." but when rebound show "X52 PROFESSIONAL...".

What's wrong with the X52 Pro? Mines currently in the mail to me!

I love this game and will be backing it heavily when it hits KS. I'm currently using a XBox controller while my Saitek X52 Pro comes in the mail and I have the Right Stick mapped as view control. When I view from exterior the sensitivity is extremely high, making it near impossible to track targets, but when I view HUD only or in cockpit, the sensitivity seems normal, allowing for me to track targets well. Is this sensitivity change normal?