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This was great! It reminded me a lot of the gameboy pocket days but with WAY better graphics. The animation was super smooth. The music went along perfectly with the setting and what was going on. The difficulty scale was DEFINITELY noticeable as the score got higher. I loved all of the art and feel of the game along with all of the mechanics. It took me a second to figure out the keyboard controls at first, but once I got them down, it was super fun to play! It'd be cool to have a 'color' version of this game that you can maybe toggle on and off in the settings. If you were thinking about expanding this game, it'd be brilliant to maybe add more stages, more enemies, maybe more power ups and stuff... I don't know, just doing some brainstorming. The game was great as-is! Thanks so much for making it!

Haha, awesome! Thanks for playing my game and recording your first experiences with it. It's so fun and rewarding for me to see peoples reactions to the game. Sorry for the mixup on the button prompts. My game detects if a controller is connected, and shows the controller buttons instead of the keyboard keys if so. Something must have gone wrong!

I love your ideas!

Thank you!! :D The game was awesome, and it's fine. I figured it out! :D