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Hi Miniputs. I do not mind! As long as you give proper credit, I'm all for the idea! Have fun, and good luck :)

Thanks sydewalkclosed! I'm happy to hear the difficulty ramp worked for you. Its something I tweaked several times and would like to keep fiddling with. 

The game is free :) no in-app purchases or anything like that. Its a very simple game, so there isn't anything to buy :D Hope you give it a shot and have fun!

Awesome, thanks for saying that! And thanks for uploading your gameplay video, super cool to see :)

Haha, awesome! Thanks for playing my game and recording your first experiences with it. It's so fun and rewarding for me to see peoples reactions to the game. Sorry for the mixup on the button prompts. My game detects if a controller is connected, and shows the controller buttons instead of the keyboard keys if so. Something must have gone wrong!

I love your ideas!

Thanks for the kind words Renan! I had a ton of ideas flowing for progression systems, new items, new enemies, etc as I worked on this, but it was always meant to be something simple so that I could learn the ropes. Maybe my next game will be more fleshed out ;)

Thanks a ton, Black Potion!

Thanks for the kind words! 

I think a big part of it is luck, TBH! That and people like cute puppies. I didn't do much marketing really. I posted it on my twitter and instagram, which have a few followers. I'm pretty overwhelmed with the response. 
It can be tough to get feedback on games that are too early along. Have you had anyone play it in person that you know? I did that with a few of my friends to get some great feedback before eventually uploading it to Itch. I'd recommend you try the same! They will catch things you never thought they would.

Best of luck! Don't get discouraged if the feedback doesn't come the first time, I see a ton of potential in your work!

Ok, you did it! I need to make a happy ending to the game just for you! Nicely done, really!

Hey Max! I'm sorry I had to take the Mac version down for now. It seems like it wasn't running properly. I'm still looking into a fix for it and will put it back up if I can figure it out. Sorry about that! I'm correcting my game's description now so it isn't misleading.

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Thanks for playing the game, and for the feedback, LazyIguana. I'm sorry to hear the gameplay didn't click for you at all! My goal with this game was to definitely focus on a small, focused experience because so much of this was new to me. I would agree with you that the gameplay is weaker than the graphics, and the main reason for that is I already have some experience with Art and Animation... and it's one of my favorite things to do! :D

On my next game, I'm really hoping to focus in more on gameplay, prototyping mechanics more before applying any finished art. I've already learned so much from this game :)

Thanks a bunch for trying out my game! I'm happy to hear you dig the art and animations, they were a lot of fun to work on. And ahhh the dreaded stuck-in-collision bug. I've only had it happen to me once and I thought I fixed it. I guess not. Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks a ton! I'm happy to hear you like it.

Haha, its a good way to play! I think the difficulty ramp may be too gradual. It DOES get harder over time, up to a point. I think my high score is somewhere around 5,000?  

Thank you! That's nice of you to say. 

I really feel like I'm stringing you along and you're my personal tester at this point! :p I'm looking into why this could be the problem.   Based on my initial findings, it seems to be something that sporadically pops up with Game Maker games here and there. You may have success moving it to the desktop or another folder, but no guarantees. I'm taking the mac version down again. Really sorry it didn't work out! Thank you for continuing to try, that means a lot.

Oh! You are absolutely right. In my search for a fix, I wound up confusing the two issues. With your clarification I was able to fix the exported MacOS app (I hope! It works for me now at least), although it still says it is from an unidentified developer, just like you said it would. I added a note to my game's description.

Thanks a bunch for your help, I really appreciate it!

Thank you! Yes, I love the look of Game Boy games, and it was a perfect restriction that allowed me to get more comfortable with the Pixel art style.

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Oh no! Let me take a look and see what I can do. Thanks for the heads up. 

Update 1: It looks like it is a Certificate signature problem. I will have to look into getting it fixed. I'm taking the Mac download down in the meantime, I apologize! Thanks again for letting me know.

Update 2: I'm really sorry to come with disappointing news, but after some investigation, it seems I need an Apple Developer account in order to sign the app for Mac OS. It costs $99 for a membership, so I don't plan on doing that at the moment. If you've already downloaded it for Mac, I believer there are ways of bypassing the certification check, but no worries if you feel uncomfortable doing that. Sorry again!