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Hi itara! Thanks for stopping by and telling me your thoughts ~

I'm really happy to hear you love Winged Ones and come again to try Bermuda >\\\< some doesn't like the slow pace so I got a bit worried -thanks for cheering me up!

Thank you for pointing out the nameplate on the door! I totally forgot about it :")) I will change it to an empty one, but as for the grammar... I apologize, but no matter how we double proof it, some always managed to escape our radar :"D I sometimes google about some sentences I'm not sure about, but I didn't know about grammarly O.o I'll look into it!

If you do noticed some in the full version, I hope you'll forgive me for it >< I'll appreciate it if you can help me  point out the obvious ones though! So I can fix it and re-upload the file later.

Bermuda still have a long way to go, but I hope you'll stay beside me step by step :"3 

Thanks again and see you around!