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I loved Nusantara, the winged ones, and was so excited to see that Bermuda Triangle was downloadable! I didn't realize it was just a demo, and I think I finished it at one go before realizing that it had ended, haha. That was a real moment of disappointment, but now I have something to look forward to!

I really like that we get to see "Maya"'s background and motivations and that there is already an inkling of the supernatural with the spiritual sightings and the Tarot readings even before the main story begins. It's been a while since I played the Winged ones, but I don't think Tamara had any warning at all before the plunge, while "Maya" has plenty of little clues. I adore the relationship she has with her baby brothers and mischievous sister, and also really like that her family seems so supportive and united despite their various troubles. The slower pacing gives us more time to appreciate them, and to understand how Maya so readily agreed to take the plunge into the unknown. The little scene with the extra lunch box and the forgotten wallet had me in tears...

As for some comments, I agree with a previous reader that there are grammar errors here and there, which sometimes took my concentration away from the game. It's a lot of work and I saw that you wrote that you have proofreaders already, so I'm sure these will be fixed in later versions! :) In the meantime, maybe a simple tool like Grammarly could help with the little errors, to allow you more time for the important stuff! :)

Also, I noticed that while you have the option to change the protagonist's name, the background in the kitchen still shows the name on the door to be "Maya". This is more of a nitpick, but it did catch my eye, so I thought you might like to know! :)

All in all though, awesome work so far! I can't wait for more updates and to play the final version! :D

Hi itara! Thanks for stopping by and telling me your thoughts ~

I'm really happy to hear you love Winged Ones and come again to try Bermuda >\\\< some doesn't like the slow pace so I got a bit worried -thanks for cheering me up!

Thank you for pointing out the nameplate on the door! I totally forgot about it :")) I will change it to an empty one, but as for the grammar... I apologize, but no matter how we double proof it, some always managed to escape our radar :"D I sometimes google about some sentences I'm not sure about, but I didn't know about grammarly O.o I'll look into it!

If you do noticed some in the full version, I hope you'll forgive me for it >< I'll appreciate it if you can help me  point out the obvious ones though! So I can fix it and re-upload the file later.

Bermuda still have a long way to go, but I hope you'll stay beside me step by step :"3 

Thanks again and see you around!