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These are the only warnings I received.  The last one goes away if I have a game pad plugged in.  From watching Gardeners stream it seems he received the first two warnings as well but it still ran.  It looks like the window tries to open and just crashes abruptly.   Not sure if anything distro specific could be causing any problems.

*WARNING* Program was compiled with SDL version 2.0.8, but was linked with version 2.0.7

*WARNING* Program was compiled with SDL_image version 2.0.3, but was  linked with version 2.0.2

*WARNING* No compatible game controllers found
Illegal instruction (core dumped)

The problem is probably because I compiled the game with `-march=native -mtune=native`. There are easy instructions on the github page if you want to compile it, I am pretty sure that it will work then.

No luck compiling from scratch.  However, it worked flawlessly in an Ubuntu VM.