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What is the name of the song you used to create the game, elmo's when he wakes up, pls is for a horror video

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I actually made the song instead of snatching it from Youtube. XD

Wow What great song did you do, would you be able to give me the song or buy it?


You're talking about the, "dun, dun!" Tune that plays when Elmo wakes up right? I mean, I guess I could give it to you cause it's literally just two piano notes. Lol.

I do not want just that part of when Elmo wakes up, I want all the song you put in the game xDD

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Oh lol, the only song I made was just the song when elmo wakes up, the rest is actual music from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, haha.

Hahaha, there are a lot of videos from where you got that song, you know the name?

Sure, here.

I forgot where I got the Piano theme for the Boiler Room section of the game and I don't remember where I got the creepy ambience that plays throughout the game.

Thanks Dave, A pleasure to have spoken with you It is a very good game that you created and with a good environment, Well then it will play download the game again and record the soundtrack XDDDD

lol, alright.