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Yeah men sure :D

No, no xd, what happens is that I wrote badly in the Google translator, so I was wrong, what I meant is that I'm sorry for bothering you for asking you this. Thank you very much for the attention and I hope to play all your games in HIGH graphics because they really look great, I love your details in the games uwu <3 They are excellent, brother, keep it that way

Apologies for fucking you, I needed to ask you if all your games are capable of running them with a gtx 1060 6 GB and 8 gb of full ram for the game

Name of the song?

I did not say coward to you, I mean the dog, the music when wakes coward

men i can´t download the game in this page,you can pass me the game in another link? mega 

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dave you can pass me the piano song that you put in the game when wakes up coward?

Hello dave came to tell you that if you lend me the song that you composed in your game, "Nightmare on sesame street" in the part where you wake up from the dream but is in another dream of freddy, I'm not getting an income and I'll leave you credits in the description of the video, the video will be uploaded to youtube


Thanks Dave, A pleasure to have spoken with you It is a very good game that you created and with a good environment, Well then it will play download the game again and record the soundtrack XDDDD

Hahaha, there are a lot of videos from where you got that song, you know the name?

I do not want just that part of when Elmo wakes up, I want all the song you put in the game xDD

Wow What great song did you do, would you be able to give me the song or buy it?

What is the name of the song you used to create the game, elmo's when he wakes up, pls is for a horror video