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It's been awhile since they've updated. Does anyone know if the game is still in progress? Because I'm really interested in one of the routes.


yeah, I have good reason to believe they are still working on HPP.
this was posted on their tumblr page (link here if you wish to check it out for yourself) on 8 jul 2017

Hi everyone!
I apologize for the lack of updates! We’ve been on hiatus on and off but worry not, we’re still working on this project!
Here’s a rough status update so far!
Vincent route - All writing/art/code DONE!
Orion route - All writing DONE, Art/Code WIP
Ace route - writing/art/code in progress

so YAAAY!! 

Yeah I've seen their post. But its been 9 months since their update which is why I was wondering if it was still in progress.