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This game was really excellent! I enjoyed all the romances but Leopold and the secret romance were my favorite, followed by Charlotte. I really love games that allow you to exert some influence over the MC's personality so that was a huge plus. The writing was excellent and some scenes had me laughing outloud, which rarely happens to me when playing games. Thank you very much for this awesome game! I too would love to see a sequel or epilogue or somesuch at some point, but for now I'll simply keep an eye on your other upcoming games.


Hello, FearfulSymmetry, and thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you had fun and the game made you laugh. I'm never sure about my humour, but I guess it works for some people. ^_^

I, too, like games where you can affect the MC's personality, so I expect it will be a feature in all my upcoming games to some degree. 

Many thanks for playing

Fearful! I was scanning reviews and was surprised to see a familiar face! <3 Now I'm definitely tempted to buy this!

Hahahaha, we definitely have the same taste in games! It's a really good and funny game, I recommend it! :D

Thanks for the recommendation, FearfulSymmetry ^_^