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Fearful! I was scanning reviews and was surprised to see a familiar face! <3 Now I'm definitely tempted to buy this!

I really liked this game! I tried it because I saw a post that it was heavily implied that Asmodee likes Murmur. Sometimes I adore implied more than "fact", and this was great. I loved the game they played, and the endings have a melancholy feel that I love. I was hoping for a threesome-type friendship ending. :P Great job!

I really loved the demo as well, not nearly enough games about arranged marriages or blindness. It was really entertaining, and I loved the art as well. It's a shame that it's on indefinite hiatus, that hurts. I'm still so curious to see if Ethan is her pen pal, not sure why I have that inkling but now I'll probably never know. :( Anyway, great job, and thank you for this!