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Decent game, with beautiful graphics. Its the gameplay which holds this back, being completely repetitive with no reward at all. Even the points seem very bland, and at 1000+ points, you are just running in circles and laying mines and slashing thrice.

Good attempt for first game, but maybe less finish on the graphics and more thought into the gameplay would help in the long run.

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Thanks for playing the game, and for the feedback, LazyIguana. I'm sorry to hear the gameplay didn't click for you at all! My goal with this game was to definitely focus on a small, focused experience because so much of this was new to me. I would agree with you that the gameplay is weaker than the graphics, and the main reason for that is I already have some experience with Art and Animation... and it's one of my favorite things to do! :D

On my next game, I'm really hoping to focus in more on gameplay, prototyping mechanics more before applying any finished art. I've already learned so much from this game :)