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Hey! Replayed the game with the new patch, the running speed is much better now, not that exploitable anymore. I succeeded in recreating the LocoBug glitch in the two vertical wall LocoBug area. You need to double jump and hold the jump key and then land on the left edge of the Loco Bug. Traps Bun in the rolling animation for a second 

and then she gets stuck in air till she is rescued by the LocoBug

This was the only place i could reliably recreate the bug, but it does occur with all the LocoBugs.

Also, sometimes Bun gets an odd animation when sitting on the LocoBug with her eyes glitching out  and if she falls from the bug during that animation, she makes this weird face. 

Also found a random Death zone in one of the levels, its also there under the next platform (Pardon my amazing marking skills) 

And the spikes here do not work

All the best against the war of bugs!

P.S - The Bun tired animation does look rather odd as pointed out by the previous guy, and it actually is a river dance! It cancels out death by drowning in the Waterfall event level, If you sit still on a green ledge and Bun starts dancing, then she never drowns in the filling water!

Good visuals and interesting gameplay, but it certainly lacks something.

The 'throw you into the game' style does seem a little difficult in the beginning since most of the stuff is very punishing and there are bugs which can kill your run.

Running absolutely glitches obstacle collision allowing you to run over roofs, fences and water. 

Also the other characters and enemies glitch at times, making them stand in place and become untargetable. Wolves at night when aggro-ed to a town glitch out and start freaking up. Rifle seems wonky and doesn't shoot at times and the food pot is sometimes not for sale in the store, leading to a difficult life.

Overall, its a cool idea and good design, but the bugs can cause the experience to be a little lackluster.

Enjoyed the first 20 mins but then i just started to glitch run for fun since there were barely any rewards.

Highly enjoyable!

Played the game twice, first time i beat it normally, the next time i speedrun it through, took around 5 mins give or take.

Very fluid mechanics and lovely animation. Sound effects are wacky and fun and match the style of the game perfectly. Difficulty is on the easier side with most obstacles being avoidable.

The run button is effectively a cheat when coupled with double jump allowing you to skip entire sections of a level, might have to slow it down a little.

Bun got glitched once when trying to ride a vertical LocoBug. The LocoBug was moving downward and Bun landed on his tail, and got stuck in the landing animation on spot while the LocoBug kept moving. She unfreezed when the LocoBug touched her again.

Water at times makes it difficult to see if there is land to walk on or not but otherwise the game is very easy to navigate.

Definitely needs some secrets or easter eggs, and if there were any, please tell me so i can go find them! Loved the game. Would play again.

Edit : Timed the speedrun at 5 min 49 seconds, Dual LocoBugs took the most time. Also had the same glitch happen again and Bun was stuck post death animation, had to restart.

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Do like the game, though my machine seems to have some input lag from when i release the click to when the ball moves.

I've found this impossible? hole, unless it has some trick to it that i could not figure out. Also this level was pretty poorly lit and i had some difficulty navigating it, and in the beginning of this level, if i shot the ball at full power, it would fly off the board down into the layout and not auto-reset itself. Manually reset fixed it  though.

Would definitely benefit from some music and sound effects. Looking forward to the future builds!

Also, the backgrounds are plain amazing. Love the Highway backdrop, the cars and the diner. Very well polished on the visual end!

Decent game, with beautiful graphics. Its the gameplay which holds this back, being completely repetitive with no reward at all. Even the points seem very bland, and at 1000+ points, you are just running in circles and laying mines and slashing thrice.

Good attempt for first game, but maybe less finish on the graphics and more thought into the gameplay would help in the long run.

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Really enjoyable platformer!

Especially loved the 'hidden' boss battle because i'm a sucker for semi-difficult boss fights. only wish that she had a phase 2.

The game is very smooth, though there were some FPS problems at times. The teleportation  mechanic is very well done. The regular minions could use a tad more effort but the bosses more than make up for it.

14 Mins well spent! *P.S to those who have submitted letsplay videos down in the comments, you all missed the 'Hidden' boss*

P.P.S - The sound track was amazing! Doesn't feel like a first attempt at all!