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I would appreciate epilogues yes! Or something similar to Charlotte's ending where there was a -2 years later- and a little explanation because the rest seemed rushed at the very end.  BUT I want to also say that this was amazing and I enjoyed all the routes. I was very pleasantly surprised by the GxG routes. I am a straight woman but enjoyed pursuing Charlotte and Sofia just as much as the others. I appreciate that their routes were handled with care and done well.  Also, I feel bad for the secret character through all the other routes and am glad that theirs was last! THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME. Please make more!


Hello, skmcord, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game and that Charlotte and Sofia's routes were fun, too. 

As for epilogues, I wanted to avoid them since there could be a lot of disparity between certain routes (Leopold and Guillaume especially), but if there is enough interest, there is talk of making a sequel, so such things can be addressed then.

Many thanks for playing