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Thank you very much for taking the time to play our game Leckakay! I totally see that Pokemon explorers of time reference I guess it must have been an inspiration without me realizing it! Thanks for the criticism this has been the best comment related to feedback. The precise jumping mechanic on the duck cave was part of the design so that the payoff for that large jump at the end felt satisfying when pulled off correctly. I added some clouds if you already were having a hard time already. (This has been reworked in a recent update so that you only play the cave mini game once) .

The duck simulator game, I'm definitely going to change the offer bread in your mouth to something along the lines of "vomit bread on her" to make it more clearer that is the wrong option. I'm not sure about the having to much text problem , we could have smaller phrases to compensate, we'll look into it.

Thanks for the feedback it really helps more than you can imagine we really appreciate it! 

Hi BOON! I just saw your comment here and on my YouTube, and I wanted to make sure I said thank you for responding, you made me day. :) I put my more detailed response to your message on my YouTube channel in the comments! I just wanted to reply to ya with a quick YOU'RE AWESOME here on, too. ♡