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As far as i could tell this is  what this game is about. You are trying to defeat the slime in the middle by beating the minigames. The minigames themselves are a bit difficult. The jumping minigame uses arrow keys to control and can press z to do some sort of teleport. The goal is to remove 20 slimes but it isn't clear what the correct way to do this is. Possibly something about when moving downward or something to do with the teleport but didn't manage to actually beat it. The other is several boss battles, again arrow keys to move but mouse to shoot. There seemed to be some errors with shooting and you couldn't do while moving. got to the second boss of 5? bosses by luck but only seemed to have 2 hits before you lose. This definitely could be a good little game if it was refined a bit more. 

Yep you guessed everything right.. as long as you kill the enemies its okay ....
Thanks.. it has been a long time since i last made a game and wanted to tried out a lot of things which turned it to this game.. Yes im considering refining the orbit game but im only going to get the mechanics since everything is a mess..