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Thanks tbh.. I actually made 5 prototypes with different mechanics i had a lot of ideas.. and as they say too much is poison haha a good experience to be sure

Yep you guessed everything right.. as long as you kill the enemies its okay ....
Thanks.. it has been a long time since i last made a game and wanted to tried out a lot of things which turned it to this game.. Yes im considering refining the orbit game but im only going to get the mechanics since everything is a mess..

oh wow...

looks like i have havr a busy week polishing this game with those ideas hehe thanks guys again now thst rating is ending

Thanks for the useful and inspiring feedbacks as the coder and my team can work on the title in the future.

Tekugare I opened it in gamemaker studio not bad even though you use a lot of scripts it's awesome also the enemies are so slow to attack their line of sight is to narrow and they can only shoot at one angle Im modifying it now for fun :)

Tekugare you forgot to export the project to .exe or html

I'm pretty sure some are nervous or do not know what to do with text-based since its not something you could see always in a gamejam so this are ideas

you can make a fighting game but the commands are by typing the attacks like attack or move left or something

and you can also make a physics game using letters or just make a platformer but using text as the characters

or a spelling game but add a twist

everything is okay just put a twist use your imagination prove your worth :)


Im sorry for asking this but whats the prize for winning cause we need motivation if the prize is to get nown by people or prize money or something useful for developers im in okay im currently creating it.