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This was pretty good! I wouldn't quite consider it a FNAF fan-game, but I could definitely tell that it was inspired by it. Had a lot of similar sounds and mechanics, but with a very unique spin on things! I loved the whole cheating aspect and "Don't Get Caught~~" that really made me feel on edge the entire time. The opening audio was really witty and funny, yet unnerving and I loved it. I'm glad it was fully randomized, that made things WAY more interesting. I'm glad you used that 360 sound! Made the game WAY easier. I think I ran into a bug, though. The blank page thing? Nothing too big, but it definitely made it impossible to win. The game wasn't too difficult, but that leaves room to expand and make more 'levels' or 'exams' - maybe even a HARD MODE in the future? The jump scare was amazing and it really got me good. Didn't expect it to look so similar to the Terminator. Everything ran smooth, apart from all the static making the bitrate in my video go crazy! As you can definitely see. I wouldn't change a thing in this game aside from fixing the blank page bug and possibly expanding it. I can DEFINITELY see this one getting bigger if it were polished a bit. Thank so much for making this! :D

Thanks for playing! I'm definitely considering expanding the game with more elements!

Sweet! Thanks for listening!! :D