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"Pumpkin Demon" by WinnieTheMoog

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The solutions to puzzles are revealed in the hints menu.

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Try using a phrase or a sentence.

Solution (Spoilers):

The stars are hidden collectibles in the levels. They're invisible when the camera rotates around the level, but become visible once you start playing.

I use Electron.

It's actually made entirely using ReactJS and TypeScript.

I've moved the answer key to a dropdown menu so you don't need to click an external link.

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I've deleted some comments that revealed puzzle solutions so that people won't be accidentally spoiled.

Instead, I added an answer key in the description. You can use it if the in-game hints don't help.

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You can click the arrow to the right of your in-game username to view hints.

Nice - it took me a while to find one of the hidden numbers.

There are a couple moments that are supposed to startle the player. There is also a "puzzle mode" which disables these elements.

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Thanks for playing - it's fun to hear people's interpretations! Only a couple people have figured out everything... 😉

There's an in-game hint system that you can access by clicking the arrow next to your in-game username.

A lot of macOS games have this problem. I recommend downloading / launching through the desktop app as it seems to take care of many of these issues.

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Are you able to use the mouse wheel to scroll? Which browser are you using?

Should be working now on macOS.

Thanks for playing! I do support AR (Android Chrome) and VR (Oculus Browser), but support is definitely WIP and missing features like menus, so you have to navigate to a level first. 

Thanks for playing - feel free to upload a video!

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Sorry about that, I really should have added a hint system to the game. I've updated the description on this page with hints, so you can select hints based off of how many videos you currently have unlocked.

Are you on Windows, macOS, or Linux? Also, it would help to know if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit.

What operating system are you on?

Thanks for playing! Maybe I should add a hard mode?


Thanks for playing! It's a false positive - the rising tone just sounds too similar to some random techno music.


Thanks for playing! There seems to be some sort of unintentional echo in the game audio.

Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card.

Thanks for playing! I made all of the models in Blender. When the spikes / red lights show up, the family starts moving faster.

Thanks for playing - loved the video! I felt my previous game was too serious, so I decided to add some humor this time.

Thanks! Your games were a huge inspiration!

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I've updated with v1.1.0 which should prevent the monsters from attacking on opposite sides at the same time.

Thanks for playing! Congrats on getting to the ending!

Thanks for playing! You made a lot of good points, and I'll take them into account for my next game. I'm currently working on extending the detector game-play to a free-roam environment.

I recently released a free horror game that combines FNaF style mechanics with some inspiration from the movie Alien. Check it out if you're brave enough!

Thanks for playing! You can flip the pages on your neighbor's tests to see more of their questions! Also, the blank page bug should be fixed in 0.3.0 if you want to give the game another go.

Thanks for playing! The video intro was hilarious!

Thanks for playing! The proctor's movements are mostly randomized, though if you spend too much time cheating, he will be "alerted" and run towards you. Thus, you have to listen closely, which enhances the jumpscares!

It's actually randomized - you have to cheat!

Thanks for playing! I'm definitely considering expanding the game with more elements!

Enjoyed the video - thanks for playing!