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Yet another weird and mind blowing little game. I recently played Wildemare and was very surprised at how much a text based game can really make you think. I have to say this game made me think and feel much like the horror that Wildemare made me feel. This game does a great job with both the writing and story that makes your mind visualize everything, when its merely being told to you like a story. Add in the monotone dialogue that gives of an eerie stiffness to everything, and this game really makes you take a second to think about what just transpired. All in all another cool little experience and I look forward to what the developer comes up with next. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

EXCUSE ME? | That Spongy Thing On Your Tongue

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Thank you! It's always a pleasure to see someone enjoy your creations.
That's basically what keeps me experimenting with games. Or how I like to call them, experiences.
In your videos I see the exact reaction I wish I could see in every let's play of my games.
Talking helps the player and the viewers to understand what the game is about, the feelings it transmits.
You do that. And I like it a lot.
For example, I made "In Memory of the Eternity" with that precise kind of reaction in mind.
It's a completely textless game, where the players must thoroughly (and actively) examine the scenes he sees to understand the game's meaning.
Otherwise, a passive gameplay will make its ending too cryptic.
Here's a great insight of Calum Fraser on the game:
And here's the game:

Enjoy! ;)