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Neat game. The controls felt tight and the platforming was pretty satisfying to master.

About the message for this game: When I finished the game, I didn’t really “get it” but after editing my footage and thinking about it a bit, here’s some thoughts:

I’m guessing the cube character we play finds everything to be meaningless or “empty.” Some examples to reinforce this: When you collect the 1 collectible in the game, it does nothing and there’s no point in collecting it. It doesn’t seem to reward you at all. Another example would be one of the more optional but difficult platforming sections. It leads to a room with a sign that just says “Why.” There’s no traditional “reward" in doing anything in this game. Even the last room is just empty and has a sign with nothing on it- and the game just ends leaving you feeling like there should have been more or that the game was entirely pointless. In a traditional platforming game it’s always rewarding to collect items or complete a difficult challenge but in this game, it feels strangely unnerving. I think it’s incredible that a game so short could evoke such a lonely, depressing feeling, so major props if that’s what you were going for!

Keep up the great work!


Hello! Thank you for playing; your gameplay and commentary is really meaningful to me.

Your analysis is really good! My intention was indeed to transmit the lonely, depressing feeling of emptiness you described. I wasn’t sure the result would work; this being fairly experimental. I’m very happy to hear it worked, and than you liked it!

Thank you again. For the in depth review, gameplay video and motivation note. I wish you a good continuation, IRL and for your content.