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The aesthetics in this jam entry were absolutely stunning. Even the a bit wonky controls added a good touch to them, because by doing so, it's acting like a great atmospherical tribute to "Alone in the Dark". The art design was so good, and it even had a weirdly calming and creepy atmosphere at the same time. A wonderful little game, which I happily recommended in a little article as well as uploaded a gameplay video for. :)

Best wishes,

Ok, Sebastian, that's it!

because of you I'm actively planning my next solo project. I hope you're happy with yourself!


Whaaat?!? Jesus Christ, that's amazing! I can't wait to get a look at it! <333

Haha, don't get too excited, yet. I'm full time on Good Company  And I'm on vacation next week. So it will take some time. And it will be tiny ;)

I'll drop you a line if it's going somewhere, though.

Do that, I'm looking forward to it! :) And of course, enjoy your vacation!