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Magic Wolfgirl is a short, but fun game with well polished controls and a nice, pixelated art style. The teleportation mechanic, while I am not very good with it, works really well. The puzzles are an enjoyable challenge, though you have to be really quick at times, and the use of a bow and arrows for both teleporting and attacking kept things flowing nicely.

Good job on this, dev. (Also, hi again. I played White some time ago.)
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I love how much you insist that you're "not good at teleporting" YET YOU ACED THE ENTIRE THING, getting most of the gems on the first try, and dodging tons of traps I set! And killing the boss in like, 10 seconds because you have SUPER RAPID FIRE?!? You make it look easy lol. (I totally don't believe that was your first time playing heh)

This is awesome, thanks for playing again Mr Skysen! Really enjoyed this! (I can never get enough of your voice)

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Let's call it beginner's luck then, because I normally have loads of trouble coordinating multi-directional teleportation. About the gems, I just like collecting things in games and thought it might get a reward.(I just noticed you telling others it unlocks something, so I'll look into that.) As for the boss, that's just fun for me to do. Years of practice with button mashing, heheh.

Glad you enjoyed both it and my voice. (Never been confident in my speaking, so recent compliments have felt...different.) Since I noticed you have a couple of other games, I may give them a play sometime as well.

Edit: Died a few extra times(24), but I just cleared it in 8:30 after unlocking the statue. It took a couple of deaths to figure out what the flash attack was. Well done on the hidden thing.