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Okay, so honestly: this game blew all of your other ones away. I've obviously never played any of your Dracula's Castle builds, but I wish I had. Everything from the mechanics to how loveable the characters you encounter are was amazing. I could definitely feel the Banjo Kazooie and Castlevania feels. I didn't think such a mix could work so well! Thanks so much for making this!

So I did something a little different with this video: I've decided to make it into my very first Let's Play Movie! Complete with fun skits (commercials) in between certain chunks of the game and multiple versions of the let's play along with a 'top menu' video where you can choose whatever you wanna watch. I hope you like it as much as I liked your game!!

Top Menu:

Full Version of the let's play:

The let's play with commentary but no commercials:

The let's play without commentary:

lol, awesome! Can't wait to watch this.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I put so much time and effort into this game, almost a whole year just to make it this far. I really hope the game gets more attention soon, cause right now it's doing pretty poorly. Worse than any of my other games unfortunately. :/

Ouch. People are really missing out. It’s a great game. This update was WAY more playable though. So I can definitely see it getting some traction. (And don’t waste your time watching them all lol. I recommend the [Full] version. Unless you watched my “commercials” individually already lol.

Yeah I watched the whole movie plus commercials, lol.


Whoa! Thank you! You deserve a prize for that, my friend!! :D