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No worries, thanks so much for the feedback! I'm super glad you enjoyed the game and its art!!

The "self control" theme became more about observing the changes in the environment than changing it yourself, but I was a little concerned that having items and sprites you can't interact with might be confusing, so I understand what you mean; the fact that they can't be used and are left up to the player to interpret could have been clearer. I was aiming to indicate exits by a unique tile or a path, but I think a third color would have definitely helped way more to highlight that, because as things are they can blend in to the rest of the environment. I'd love to try that hack in the future! Is there a specific resource I can check out to learn more?

mostly we all just share hacks and stuff in the bitsy discord here's a link if you're not in it! and here's how the colour hack is done pretty much you can add as many colours you want as long as you paste them into the colour palette and then add a COL 3 and etc under the tile (it starts from COL 0 so you can like colour sprites to look like the tile colour by just using COL 1) oh and a place to store/add tutorials has been started:  (it doesn't have much on it yet but it is something that's being worked on) hope this is all useful ;D


Super super useful! Thank you so much for sharing and explaining! c:

no problem :D