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So if it wasn't obvious already, I completely lost track of the main point of this game about halfway through. I know I was supposed to be investigating and looking for clues, but I was just in awe by the sounds, visuals and acid trips throughout this work of art. This game was gorgeous. I know it's a prototype and has some bugs, and I'm pretty sure I ran into one with the big building. But otherwise, it was fun. It had some interesting features and stuff to do that would keep players entertained. Oh! The mouse sensitivity! It'd be cool to have some sort of option for adjusting it. It was SUPER high for me. Anyways, this game was awesome! Thanks for making this!!

Hey man. Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it :) As for the mouse sensitivity, I thought it was just me that thought it was a bit high and that  all the kids these days play like this ;)


Haha I like mine a tad slower. Now that I think of it, a lot of people do play with the sensitivity insanely high lol. Adding something to help adjust it would never hurt :D