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Thank you! Yeah, it's not too bad though. It's an old, unfinished thing. Still, I wanted to put it up here, if only to document it.

Hey! Glad you liked it! Love your description :)

Thank you Mr Bobbly! Well, there would certainly be much to build upon in a possible future project in this same vein.

Yay! Glad it wasn't a horrid bug in the game.  Very happy that you enjoyed it!

Sorry to hear that. It's odd, I haven't heard of that particular problem before.

Thanks! Yeah it is a bit buggy ;) it is an unfinished prototype... There is only one ending.

Thank you very much! :)

Thanks! It's riso print if you want to be very exact ;)

Hey! Thanks for the kind words. I definitely focused my main attention on the visual aspects while working on this as a ba thesis, so the other aspects are not quite up to snuff. I love that you came up with The Wicker Space Man as a description. That old film always comes back to me. Also, glad you like Mundaun! Follow on @MundaunGame to stay tuned! Cheers

Cheers! Yeah, i'll fix the worst soon. Then I will finish . Then, I might start over on The Colony, all new and improved but with the same feel to it!

Thank you so much! Twin Peaks in space, what a compliment :)

Thank you! Yeah, the hotel guy should give you the room key. Sadly the whole thing is on a pretty shaky codebase, so to make it ship-shape now would be quite the time consuming thing.

It was an unusual thesis for illustration. My BA course is very open-minded which is great.

Thanks. Yeah, this thing is 5 years old and more of an unfinished experiment. Have been working on my first full-length title since then. Check it out:

I'll have a version without orange up soon to provide a better refuge from reality in these trying times. 

Thanks for the great video sir! Looks like you were particularly unlucky bugs-wise. The painter should have painted your portrait ;)

Cheers for the heads-up. Yeah... let's say that is on... purpose?

Hey man. Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it :) As for the mouse sensitivity, I thought it was just me that thought it was a bit high and that  all the kids these days play like this ;)

Hey! Glad you liked the aesthetic! You have been warned about the bugs though ;)

Yeah, seems like you got to the end :) thanks for playing!

Thank you kindly!