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Hey there arceus! Sorry about that, we didn't expect things to take this long either D:

While playtesting we came across a huge bug that deformed all our sprites and deleted about 40% of the script. Currently, I'm planning to go over and meet with the team personally to try and fix everything.

We could release 1.2.ALPHA with a beauty patch in the near future, but we're also thinking about just releasing everything in one go instead of fixing the Do Not Love in increments.

Don't worry, we'll post a devlog once the next update drops, and I'll message you personally so you don't miss out!

Thanks for the support ^_^ we're working our best to get this up and running ASAP :D

Sorry to hear that about bugs with the script! Perhaps next time it would be wise to keep a daily backup as not to jeopardize all your work if something goes amiss. That's what I tend to do with my stuff anyway.

Looking forward to the next update in any case!