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So I just really wanted to say I loved this game with all my heart! I still haven't gotten through to all of the endings yet but it just left me with this really nice bittersweet feeling. The writing and art for so obscure was really top notch! 

I’ve lived in Hong Kong most of my life and went to Sha Tin College and so really related to the two + how they felt. PLUS the soundtrack is super awesome, I’ve been listening to it for days and days!

I was wondering if you select diu option instead of the wtf option does it affect the ending at all? 

(And I’ve really gotta ask – are you two Hong Kong based game developers? It would be really awesome if you could hold a talk or something about this game in HK!)

Thanks very much for playing our game and sharing your thoughts! We're really glad you were able to relate to the characters.

The wtf/diu choice doesn't really make a difference -- it's just there since "diu" might be something the player character would say, but players not from Hong Kong might not know what it means, so the "wtf" option is there to make things clearer.

(We're both permanent residents of HK, but unfortunately we're based in New York and California at the moment. It'd definitely be cool to get more involved with the HK game dev community if we were ever back in town, though!)