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Hi-I just wanted to say that I really liked this game.  I think (and this is a very wierd compliment) that you have a really good sense of pricing your games (I also played Devil and the Deep Blue Sea) and I think that for the amount of content both the games have, the price point was spot-on.

I personally didn't have trouble getting the endings, but I also used the guide for Charlotte/Sophia because I was doing them from a compleationist standpoint and not out of interest in their routes.  It's not that I disliked the characters-I actually found their backstories interesting but I would have liked them better as friendship routes than romantic routes (but that is 100% based on my personal preference).

I did notice several typos in the game (or at least what I think are typos.  I'm American so it could be American English grammer vs British English grammar happening)-I'm not sure if you're open to what I've noticed or what format you'd like feedback in (these forums, a new conversation thread, private email, etc).

***Spoilers Ahead***

My thoughts on the other rutes (I'm trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible so some things are left a bit vague)-

I thought Bastien's route was OK.  I liked him as a character but I'm just not (again, personally) all that enthuastic about the whole "overcoming class divide/inferority complex" dynamic.

I really liked the secret romance character but I just had a really hard time getting the implications of the romance out of my head, so I found it hard to get into (again, that's my issue not anything overtly wrong with the game).

I liked Leopold's route.  I knew he was up to something, but I did not see what it actually was coming.

My favroite route was Guillaume.  It was really refreshing to see a story where several of the interactions focus on a character's flaws or shortcomings and play through that dynamic.  The one issue I had in that route was the denouement felt rushed.  Specifically , in the last scene during the announcement it seemed like the MC was expecting what happened more than I (as the player) was.  It felt almost like there (logically) should have been some sort of conversation/interaction between them that I somehow missed.  

I agree with the other commenters who are interested in a sequel (or maybe just epilogues if a full-blown sequel is too much).

Hello, fairfaxleasee,

Many thanks for your feedback. It is always useful to hear what people thought worked and why, and the same for areas that could be improved upon.

And thanks for mentioning the pricing. I did find that aspect quite difficult to gauge.  

Oh, and if you have found typos, I'd be very grateful if you could email then to and I can make the corrections to the game.  However much I proof, there are always some that sneak through. ^_^

Well, I've had a couple of ideas of how I'd do a sequel, so I'll let everyone know once the time comes.

Thanks for playing