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I love all of the games you've taken inspiration from, and you've definitely done them justice! Difficulty is well balanced, though I must admit the hit boxes on the red blocks are too big :( and look into "coyote time" - it's basically a little frustrating when you can't jump after falling off sometimes! I think most platformers incorporate it somehow :) I loved the music and SFX, great job there! Where did you find the music if you don't mind me asking? :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks a lot for your feedback. I did, in fact, try to implement coyote time jump by essentially increasing the bounding box for checking if player is in ground, but that had the side-effect of introducing the wall jump capability, i.e. the player can just jump from the side of the platform without ever being ON the platform. Do you know of any links/resources on how to implement this properly in Unity?

The background music is by:, and this is the particular one: I just asked on Tim's discord, and someone suggested this to me.


ah try starting a timer when the player stops being "grounded" (i.e. touching the floor) and *hasn't* jumped for maybe 0.5f, then -= Time.deltaTime every frame, and only set grounded to false when that timer is done? That's what I usually do, though I tend to do a small raycast from the player's feet so it might be more difficult if you're using a collider to check that!