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Honestly, this is the best game I've played so far, I still haven't finished it yet, but even only like so far into the game play, I just can't say anything bad about it. This may even be like the second comment I've left. I gave 4 stars across the board, only because I believe there is always room for improvement, but you've set the bar high with me, really awesome..  


Thank you so much for sharing what you thought! I'm sincerely very happy to read this! Just started developing games and I'm loving it! :)

I intend to release updates for this game when the voting is over! :D


Your welcome! I just started myself(sort of), the game I did for this jam is the first  game I ever finished. I attempted to make games nearly two decades ago, but just didn't have the drive to really work at it.

The spark got reignited about a month ago though, and ever since I've been trying to learn as much as I can about what works, and what doesn't work. I can't wait to see what you do with this game though even further than what you already have!

I can imagine that it was much more difficult two decades ago to get into game dev, now we have many great game engines to choose and tutorials on youtube for begginers. Hope that you keep that spark going!

I'm having ideias for implement on my game, hope that you'll play the following versions! :)