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AnY uPDaTEs? My sanity is dropping due to all the waiting


Oh no SANITY:)))) (/throw potion

I'm focusing on the development of PBD in the bottom half of this year. So some updates are expected. Not within July but please expect it.

Also, I'm considering moving the project from Unity to Unreal,  at a 45% chance. 
I can solve more programming problems in Unity. However, I can solve more UI, graphic and level design problems in Unreal. Thinking of the loss progress in between moving, the pros and cons of both sides are tricky.


Gotcha. I'm glad to see that you are actively developing the project!

Still, I'd recommend posting every once in a while, even if it's just small adjustments, instead of having everything done and then post a gigantic update. I think this is a very interesting and promising and horny project, so it would be great in the long run if you can keep people engaged. This way you can also get feedbacks about what changes should be made in the future, with regard to which engine to use, what mechanism needs changing, etc.