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If you scroll down you can see dev's explanation. But in one word, find torches of like a magenta color and save ther

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I have just completed this game and I... am confused. I honestly have a lot of mixed feelings about different aspects of the game. But hey this project was completed a year ago so I guess I can rant a bit about my experience without worrying about SPOILERS (The word is capped b/c I still care for people who accidentally found out about this game and would scout comments for feedback)

I'll start with the good experience I had with this game. First off, I definitely feel that this game is unique, content-wise and style-wise. Comparing to many other VN & RPG games featuring NSFW bara / yaoi content which simply offers you a good amount of opportunities to get your hands moving, without you concerning the background of the world where the story is situated in, this game has its own world to depict, stories to tell, and I feel that the devs probably already have a very completed list of world settings prepared (would love to play the sequels to find out), which is great. It's a good thing to have vanilla ice love simulators that won't burdening my neurons around, but it's better to occasionally chime in games that present you a well-written and deeper story. BGM is also a very, very commendable aspect of this game. I kinda like the genre (if there is one to this type), and the individual pieces are quite taylored for each scenario. Well, do notice that I meant fitting, not exactly "enjoyable". There are enjoyable ones, but there are also some very disturbing scenes featuring very disturbing cacophonies. S*x scenes are pretty good too, but, there is a "but" to it, which I'll mention below. 

And now the "questionable" aspects of the game (To me and to me alone. The experience is highly personal, so anyone who happens to read this, don't take my word for it). It's actually hard for me to pinpoint a specific element that I enjoyed less, it's just that at some points of the game, I started thinking: it made no sense. Be it a plot, a convo, or others... well and all of the battles. Lol the game itself sometimes feel as chimeric as the monsters  in it, pun intended. At many points of the game, the scenario would change abruptly and inconsistently. For instances,  your MC Iuskirho can enter a hallucination and then the scene changes and you are at a new location; characters die and got resurrected somehow; or later in game (downstream), you jump from one time point to another purposelessly. I know maybe devs intentionally made it that way to accentuate the psychotic effect, but it really was a bit much to handle. Many convos are hard to understand too when no context are provided (granted that English is not my first language, and many wordings in this game were hard for me. Some names are kinda hard to remember too). And the battles...... it deserves its own paragraph.

Many battles feature enemies you simply cannot defeat. I spent a decent 4+ hours on the first chimera, retry after retry, only to find out it is impossible... Like, why offering that option then? It's the same situation for many other battles later: when your MC enters a location with a chimera, you cannot run anymore, and stepping on certain tiles causes the chimera to move towards you very fast. So, technically you can avoid encountering them, but realistically, they are unavoidable, except for maybe 2 of them I succeeded. Also, after engaging a chimera, for the only time in game, you got the option to escape. But it is a guaranteed fail. So, all the battles ultimately boil down to two types: a few battles featuring easy enemies that you don't even have to try (except for the last few enemies during the tower climbing part (upstream) and much more unavoidable battles featuring undefeatable enemies that will guarantee to get you a CG of poor, abused Iuskirho. But at the same time, you are allowed countless tries to only find out that there is little to no chance of winning or avoiding these battles (Well maybe unless you are a hacker). I call Sadism on this one.  Oh and, throughout the whole game, there is no collectibles such as equipments, items, whatsoever. But there is a menu for them...?

Lastly, NSFW scenes... I have never used any substance in my life, but I imagine those are probably what one would see if they overdosed at a neon light show. CGs are great tho.

All in all, I was a gay guy looking for another nsfw bara games featuring buff dudes with an ahigo face, and what did I find? I found what I needed, and a lot more: Bug play, gender-queer Lovecraft monsters pegging a gay/bi guy, summoning a literal TOWER out of the same dude's a*s, and more... Popped my cherry and opened my eyes. 

That being said, I appreciate how much work the devs poured into this work. I do hope y'all treat Iuskirho better in your new projects, if he appears. The boy had been through too much and he got my sympathy for him.

Yeah I eventually found out that it was just a issue with my laptop, not the game lol. 

I finished playing the current build and I loved it! It's been a while since a game that is both light-hearted and naughty showed up last time. I look forward to the future update where Robin joins the military camp ;)

Also, would you guys consider adding text descriptions to the scenes in the sniffing gallery? The writing of your game is great and it's a turn-on for me to read the text and meanwhile watching the animation. Currently in the gallery there is only animation, it would be great if it can be modified like a scene replay.

Hey Dev, I'm playing on Windows and y games crashes after I attempted to and won the battle against the wolfman enemy in the highwood forest, is this a new issue or was it a pre-existing one?


I wish in one of the routes you can F that monster up lol. Impressive storyline and writing

FiiIINnnEEee, if it comes down to a bloody mess I'll resort to cover my eyes...... hopefully at a time I can use both hands. 

I paused at the guillotine scene for dat ass actually but instead noticed the guillotine lol.

Anyhoo keep the great work!

Heya, can we expect an update soon

I'm honestly curious, are some of the outfits currently not unlock-able? I'm already at 10 hearts with Alex and got all the collectables but still one of the outfit is missing :(

Loved the Demo! I already loved the first LMA game for its plot and art, and now I'm excited for how this one is gonna turn out. It already looked more polished than the previous one art-wise!  I look forward to a ride with puzzles and plot-twists, and some spicy stuff ;). Well hopefully it's not too much gore tho since the scene from the last game where the action is happening beneath a blood bath still haunts my memory... and the guillotine scene in the trailer is giving me bad flashbacks

Great update! I really enjoyed it. The CGs, the music, and the writing are each respectively beautifully done and are also just, very well put together, this feeling of unison is what drawn me into the story and what encourages me to dive into the mentality of each character. 

The second half of the story where it showcases the tension between Jymsar and Chilas feels so realistic, especially of right now with so many groups of people holding uneasy feelings about one another. Everybody suffered because of the other side, everybody is the victim, and neither can or wants to let go because they believe in themselves and what they stood for. 

Sure. In Driller's route, if you choose to reveal your true identity to Driller, an error occurs. It says it can't find the png.

Lascivion route: After the nsfw scene with Lascivion and Cap, and then after the nsfw scene with Lascivion and MC (LascivionMVAfterfuck1), an error occurs. It also says a png is not found 

I'm playing on a Mac and I encountered errors in Driller, symbiote, and Captain routes. These errors all occur after you select one of the choices presented. But overall, nice job! The game was light-hearted and fun.

Please consider adding a gallery!

ps. may I know if the symbiote is topable...? Tried several times but no dice :\ 

Haha I think they already have a mobile version of the game out on iOS. And of course, if it's too much trouble, emulator is also an option

Overall I liked this update! A minor bug still appears in the route where you agree to the nanotherapy, it says something like "fadee" not defined.

I can see that you have worked on all routes and the story is unfolding, and I look forward to how it will turn out in the future! Ain't gonna lie though I wish I could get like 1 or 2 CGs with the added content ;)

It worked smoothly on my Mac (Catalina 10.15.6). And I liked it! 

I mean, of course I hope there could be more to it, but I know this is your test project lol. I liked your art style a lot and, for some reason, I think it's super compatible with VN as a genre. I'm no artist myself and English is my second, so I don't know how to put this feeling into exact words, but just say in my mind I can picture you creating a VN featuring 80s superhero comic style background, super villain daddies (with kinks), and twists and dramatic effects like it is in Ghost Trick (a phenomenal DS game). 

... If that makes sense. Anyhoo I love your work and I look forward to your other works in the future!

Sure.  I played on Safari. I lost a battle at the construction site I think, just to see the scene, then I tried to reload and my save was gone

For some reason my save was deleted after I lost one battle and wanted to reload

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I liked it! 

I especially want to give props to you for your writing style. English is not my mother tongue, so oftentimes I found myself struggling a bit with text-heavy VNs. If the story is not engaging enough I would most likely end up skipping a whole bunch of texts and convos just to reach for the CGs, but your writing has been very engaging thus far. There were some big, GRE-level words here and there (well, in my mind) that I had to look up, but I was not bothered at all (I'm actually kinda happy that I get to expand my vocabularies), the narrative made up for it. The overall flow of the story has been pretty smooth, it does not feel forced or framed for a certain outcome. So great job!

I do hope that, in the future, there could be more exploiting of the interactive elements of a VN. Like more choices and more significant effects, more freedom in exploring the magic you learned (like you can choose to learn different spells / incantations), secret/hidden events, etc. 

And, if you do plan to add nsfw stuff, I'd like to see some of those soon, too :)

Still waiting ;)

Still no...?

Yo it'e been a month, can we expect an update soon? ;)

Gotcha. I just think that this is a good project and should be supported more

Love this. I do hope that Ben and Arthur can interact more often in the game

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Thanks for replying and I look forward to the update! Hopefully it fits my screen this time lol.

Btw, would you consider adding any MC top scene into the game (since he is known for being a bottom), and, do you have a Patreon page?

I really enjoyed the demo! The content is hot and the only issue I had was, like others, it does not fit into my screen nicely. Your post said that there was an update on Mar 15th right? But where do I find that? The available demo is from December last year

Any... rumors about updates?

Imma excited for the update, hopefully it be here soon!


I just discovered that you can hand over Rohan to the rat king while he is in Guardian's body and triggers a different convo. I was honestly amazed how you can think of all these, this is exactly what in my mind would make a VN complete. 

 Took me a few tries but I got them eventually. I didn't rest before revisit the Guardian or Rohan after giving them to the rat king,  that's probably why I missed them the first time. Now I feel very completed and I can't wait to know what more content you'll be adding to the game. (I do wish there could be more player top options tho, after seeing MC's rear got annihilated so many times by different beings lol) 

I didn't check the list before commenting nvm

I just found out this game and I absolutely loved it. Even it is still a demo, it has a ton of interactive elements and multiple storylines you can go into, which is fantastic. I got pretty much everything except the two memories after "fungus licking", can I have some pointers please? ;)

Is this project going to be updated further in the future?  I feel like it ended so abruptly after Roman just barges in kill the rogue. A nice experience th

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I like the concept of the game and I enjoyed the demo (almost killed my laptop tho b/c I'm using Wine on my Mac). Reminds a bit of the End of Dreams. I do hope that,  later into the development of the game, the MC can be personalized (just beard options and stuff), there would be Top/ bottom options, and perhaps kinks.

ps. I also liked pic#2 and pic#3 ;)

Currently you 1. cannot become a werewolf. (This is an interesting idea though, maybe @hyao will be interested?) 2. can only get dirty with Bernard by using a love potion, of which the recipe you can obtain from the Witch hut (Swamp). Or you can check the comment section for the potion walk through, there should be a link to that somewhere