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For me on Debian Testing, the linux release was flawless, started up with no problem and recognized my iBuffalo SNES-controller, I did not even have to remap any buttons! And it even recognizes it if I plug it in after I've started the game. This is a superb linux release, and I thank you very much for it. 

I bought it on Itch even though I have to pay an extra 25% VAT, to support the developer (more money goes to you right, compared to say Steam?) and I am very happy I did, the game is just awesome, perfect controls, well thought trough dialogue and presentation and story. Touching! I played the PICO-8 version a while ago, and I am happy you could release it as a "real" game, and that it is so great.

And yeah, perfect linux support for me at least.

The PICO-8 Celeste is a real game too! ;-)


Sure, but this game really brings the mechanics toghether nicely and frames it in an excellent story. I finished the game (i.e. main story) with >1000 deaths and about 60 strawberries, it was awesome :D