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I will buy this as soon as I get my salary on monday, looks really sweet ^^

1. I guess this game is kinda OK for kids btw? I would play with my sons, and I guess its just some blood here and there will prolly be fine.

2. Do you plan to bring this to nintendo switch?


Hey! Dont worry, I got past it by running the windows version with WINE (windows compability layer), and thru WINE it works! :D Gonna continue the story today \o/ 

I tried looking at some logs and stuff, there seems to be some hickup at the usage of "." but I'm not sure that's related? I cannot attach files to this reply but I'll try and send you a PM or however it works! I'll send you the unity Player.log.

For the record I tried running the linux game with the -force-glcore and -force-opengl, both the 32 and 64 bit versions, no change.

I have a friend Liam who runs the site, and I said he should cover your game, but he said until these bugs are fixed he probably wont have time. It might not be worth your time still tho but you decide! Im happy to try out any fixes you make.

Thanks again for a great game!

Hey again! I got to the beginning of Episode 6 now, but it never fades out of black after the narrator saying sorry :/ and then pressing Z+P there seems to sort of break it - I get to after Hopeville (it seems? theres three new characters joining them) going up to the top of the mesa, and then I walked to that horned mech and it said "T", and then it jumped to the previous chapter (where I got to choose whether to have a good or a bad talk that had consequence according to narrator).

If you have any ideas of how I could fix it again that would be awesome, but anyways I understand that it might be hard to fix such things for the linux build :)

Hey! No problem, that sounds like an easy fix :) maybe you should mention it above, you already have a paragraph about the linux version so you could add that fix in!

Thank you for the fast answer! 

Hey I just got this and its great, thanks for your work! The story and characters are awesome and the mechfighting is intense even tho it at first glance seems simple. 

Im playing the linux version and it seems like its working perfect, except now I'm on episode 3 with the Brad/Lianna fight, and after I get 3 points in, and going for the fourth, it just seems to stop counting, it sais Brad or Lianna briefly in the textbox but no matter how many times I knock them out I dont win?

Looking forward to continue this game and thank you for supporting linux also!

Hello! I've made this game work with my weird Radeon card (running debian linux) by starting it with "R600_DEBUG=mono ./runner", and it works, EXCEPT, it refuses to remove my system mouse cursor, so that it just sits roughly above the ingame mouse cursor, very annoying. Dunno if anyone has any ideas on how to solve this.

Sure, but this game really brings the mechanics toghether nicely and frames it in an excellent story. I finished the game (i.e. main story) with >1000 deaths and about 60 strawberries, it was awesome :D

For me on Debian Testing, the linux release was flawless, started up with no problem and recognized my iBuffalo SNES-controller, I did not even have to remap any buttons! And it even recognizes it if I plug it in after I've started the game. This is a superb linux release, and I thank you very much for it. 

I bought it on Itch even though I have to pay an extra 25% VAT, to support the developer (more money goes to you right, compared to say Steam?) and I am very happy I did, the game is just awesome, perfect controls, well thought trough dialogue and presentation and story. Touching! I played the PICO-8 version a while ago, and I am happy you could release it as a "real" game, and that it is so great.

And yeah, perfect linux support for me at least.

Awesome and pretty game!

Seems like it could be fun, especially with a controller! I just wanted to report that it seems to work flawlessly using Wine on linux.