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Ripppin through as many DD5 games as I can today. Yours is the first ynfg I've played that's in 3d and I hope it's a sign of what others have to offer because it was a fuckin trip. Love the wild transitions (some custom shaders you wrote, maybe?) and the generally wonky 3d vibe. Love that you made an homage to the YN red hell maze :P

Ran into a quirk that I thought was frustrating as a player that I thought you might wanna know about:

I wound up down this corridor (there's a mouth, I think? behind me) and this glitchy shadow person followed me. I started to leave the corridor but the collisions really impeded my progress.

I also noticed that, after transitioning between rooms, there was text in the top right corner that just said "ERROR". Not sure if that was some leftover dev stuff or if it was deliberate, but I haven't made much progress in the game yet. Like I said, rippin through just to see what everyone else did. ;)

Anyway, great stuff! And out of curiosity, what did you use as an engine for this?

Thanks for the feedback, the ERROR text definitely isn't intentional