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ok so. even tho the full game is coming out later this month, I gotta say I really did enjoy the demo & am glad my impatience won out in the end that I checked the whole demo out.
And while I get that i's an otome game, the relationship that got me intrigued & hoping to see more development & possibly a heartwarming conclusion is that of Xani & her dad. I'm glad that toward the end of the demo, you can see that the two can certainly bond well enough to a more relatively normal father-daughter bond. It was really sweet, and proved that in any relationship, effort has to come from both sides.
Oh, but I really loved everyone too, Shannon's friendship with Xani being very sweet & her bubbliness being a good contrast to Xani's personality. Kay also gave a sweet yet melancholic vibe despite the mystery at the start. I'm curious about the other route characters we have seen so far too, and am eager to see all the plot threads so I'm very excited for the upcoming full release.

Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm so happy to read that you've enjoyed the demo, and I hope you'll be even more pleased with the full routes. 💕