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It really made me feel like I'm reading a shoujo manga and activated my 'the protagonist is lovely I want nothing but the best for her and I'm cheering her on even though it's been a single day' instincts from my younger years haha.

I deeply enjoyed the style, the music and the personality of the characters. It really does feel like one gigantic love letter to classic shoujo manga.

...Also Raika is so handsome I already love her so much-

i am in tears and will be drowning in feels for a good while ;w;

everything from the art to the writing to the overall feel and atmosphere was lovely. a bittersweet experience that's gonna live rent-free in my head.

I don't seem to be able to make a save for this game, though that's the only issue I ran into.

It was really cute and I had fun

but not sure as there's saving issues tho

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man, that fiancée of his is the real MVP. esp since there's an ending where their relationship works out in the end.
I enjoyed this, but wish this game was longer. I look forward to more of yr work if you continue to make 'em.

the ending of the demo had me YELLING inside ok now I'm too hyped for it (I mean I was already looking forward to it since I played Royal Alchemist too but) dfghjk

ok so. even tho the full game is coming out later this month, I gotta say I really did enjoy the demo & am glad my impatience won out in the end that I checked the whole demo out.
And while I get that i's an otome game, the relationship that got me intrigued & hoping to see more development & possibly a heartwarming conclusion is that of Xani & her dad. I'm glad that toward the end of the demo, you can see that the two can certainly bond well enough to a more relatively normal father-daughter bond. It was really sweet, and proved that in any relationship, effort has to come from both sides.
Oh, but I really loved everyone too, Shannon's friendship with Xani being very sweet & her bubbliness being a good contrast to Xani's personality. Kay also gave a sweet yet melancholic vibe despite the mystery at the start. I'm curious about the other route characters we have seen so far too, and am eager to see all the plot threads so I'm very excited for the upcoming full release.

ahhhhhh ok just a few days after the final free episode aaaaaaaa ❤❤❤❤

Got it thanks for the advice :D

Thanks for the response back but I'm still kinda confused cause I was pretty sure I had a good relation with Andrei, as in I agreed to spy for him when he asked, lied to Saorise and went to visit him at the graveyard when I could so idk what else I need to do if it's not rep related? Played it again to focus on Gol related people but still got shot at the ending.  It's not really clear if you have good relations outside of the rep bar. 

This ending requires the MC to side with Andrei and have high rep with the Golgotha  right? despite having the rep for that house pretty much near at max the MC still gets shot at the end so idk what's going on. The other of his endings, even the one where the MC takes charge, works fine so I'm honestly not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Is it something to do with Lazarus? I tried one where he's dead and the other where he lives (I think?) but nothing really changed.

Damn there's so many games from you guys I'm anticipating :3 Lemme just throw you all the love (and cash) >:3c

Oh wow I remember when the first time I saw The Rose of Segunda and really loved the art style and paths all the different routes went. To think randomly browsing would have me see a sequel :3 I'm excited for this and the demo has me anticipating what's more to come :D