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ahhhhhh ok just a few days after the final free episode aaaaaaaa ❤❤❤❤

Got it thanks for the advice :D

Thanks for the response back but I'm still kinda confused cause I was pretty sure I had a good relation with Andrei, as in I agreed to spy for him when he asked, lied to Saorise and went to visit him at the graveyard when I could so idk what else I need to do if it's not rep related? Played it again to focus on Gol related people but still got shot at the ending.  It's not really clear if you have good relations outside of the rep bar. 

This ending requires the MC to side with Andrei and have high rep with the Golgotha  right? despite having the rep for that house pretty much near at max the MC still gets shot at the end so idk what's going on. The other of his endings, even the one where the MC takes charge, works fine so I'm honestly not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Is it something to do with Lazarus? I tried one where he's dead and the other where he lives (I think?) but nothing really changed.

Damn there's so many games from you guys I'm anticipating :3 Lemme just throw you all the love (and cash) >:3c

Oh wow I remember when the first time I saw The Rose of Segunda and really loved the art style and paths all the different routes went. To think randomly browsing would have me see a sequel :3 I'm excited for this and the demo has me anticipating what's more to come :D