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Heart Fragment

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Thank you so much for the kind comment! <3 I'm really glad you enjoyed Heart Fragment. The Book Two update with two more routes is coming in March so there'll be more to play very soon.

Hmm, the fact that the screen worked fine for Clive earlier makes it even more puzzling... I use Windows myself, so I'm unsure if it would be a Mac specific issue - I will ask if anyone in the Heart Fragment discord server uses Mac and is experiencing a similar problem.

In the meanwhile, here is a screenshot of the exact locations just to be sure nothing was missed.

Clive's route locations:

Kay's route locations:

Hi! I tested this out on my end and it seems to be working fine as far as I can tell. Have you checked the walkthrough guide for the positions?

If you can't find them after checking the guide, a few questions to help troubleshoot:

- What operating system are you using?
- Do you have any recording software that you use while playing such as Bandicam or OBS?
- Do you play with keyboard primarily or mouse primarily?
- If you press the tab button on the keyboard, does it allow you to highlight the hidden items? 
- Did you get the scene earlier in the game where you search for Clive? If so, were you able to find him successfully? 

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying the game! ^^ I apologize for replying to this so late. I really appreciate you taking the time to play Heart Fragment!

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Currently in Book One, Kay and Clive are romanceable. In Book Two there will be routes for Shannon and Lana (with Shannon having a romantic path, while Lana is platonic only) and Book Three will have romance routes for Jasper and Natalia.

Hmm I'm not sure what the issue may be... if possible, please email me at - I will send you a response to help out.

Hello! Thanks for purchasing Heart Fragment! The steam key should be listed underneath the downloads, with an option that says "reveal Steam Key". It will look similar to this.

If you still can't find it, could you screenshot the page for me so I can check what might be wrong? 

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Yes! Shannon's route will be added in Book Two, which will be a free update to add on to Book One. I'll give a further update on the release date for Book Two soon! 

Thank you!! And thank you for the review you left on Steam as well, I really appreciate it. Hope you're having a good weekend so far!

Thank you!!! So glad you enjoyed - and you've got good taste, Clive is a sweetheart. Hope to see you again in book two! :D

Thank you! I'm happy that you enjoyed your experience. I hope you will enjoy Book Two just as much (if not more!)

Thank you so much for your kind comment! This most definitely isn't meaningless. In fact, it means a great deal to me. I recently experienced the loss of my mum, which took a toll on me emotionally and of course on development as a result. Many days I felt discouraged. But comments like this make me want to keep going. So thank you again, truly, from the bottom of my heart.

Hello! I am trying to start an early bird launch discount, but when I attempt to do so, it tells me that the price needs to be the usual cost ($9.99) or higher. I'd like to make the launch discount $4.99 - any ideas what I might be doing wrong? 

Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm so happy to read that you've enjoyed the demo, and I hope you'll be even more pleased with the full routes. 💕

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to reply to this sooner. I was unfortunately unable to work regularly for a bit after my mum passed, and had a lot of things to catch up on. But I really can't stress enough how much supportive messages like this helped me get through it. <3

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Thank you for checking out Heart Fragment! I'm really glad you are enjoying it so far. The price will be $10 at full cost, but there'll be a sale for the first month after release. The first release coming up at the end of this month will have Book One, Kay's and Clive's routes, but all future releases will be available as free updates, aside from the group routes add-on (multiple characters per route) which will cost $4 and be available as DLC. ^^

Thanks for the bug report! I managed to figure out what the problem was and the bug fix will be posted later tonight.^^

Thank you so much for playing the demo of Heart Fragment! As for your question, that definitely shouldn't be what happens so you might have run across a bug. Have you run into that issue when doing that mini game with anyone else, or is it just Gray? Either way I will try to get to the bottom of it asap. The first release is coming July 31 and the mini game has been refined to make it easier for people who play with just a mouse in hand instead as well, so when that update is added to the demo I hope it will help this as well.

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Hello - I'm so, so sorry I'm responding to this three months late! I'm also sorry to hear about your difficulty with that aspect of the main character. I'm not entirely sure how far you played into the demo, but your choices will most definitely shape the way your relationship with him changes. The protagonist is a defined character with much of her opening personality already set, which means her history with him and past grievances can't be altered. 

However, as you continue on, that can be changed and by the end point of the demo this relationship can mend drastically and your manner of speaking to him changes along with that. 

Shannon, on the other hand, I suppose I can only describe as an acquired taste! :P 

Nonetheless, I appreciate the feedback and I appreciate that you took the time to write a comment! I'm sorry again that it took so long for me to properly reply. I hope you have been well in the time since this was posted!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the demo and your words of encouragement seriously mean so much to me^^ I will definitely keep doing my best, and I appreciate the reminder to drink water - that's really nice of you to say.

This is so sweet of you to comment, thank you for playing the demo and getting so much enjoyment out of it!<3 I appreciate support in any way whatsoever. Even taking the time to post something like this is incredibly beneficial to me and helps encourage me along the way with development. :) 

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Hello!! First off: I am so sorry for replying to this late. Second: thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart! It is so encouraging to receive these types of comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo and I hope that when the full game is released (July 31, 2021) you will enjoy it just as much!

This is genuinely one of the greatest games I have ever played. I absolutely loved it! The artwork, the music, the characters... just amazing. If you someday create a sequel to this I can already guarantee I'd throw money at you for it. :')

I am so glad you enjoyed the demo! It's so sweet of you to take the time to make an account and comment your feedback. I can't say enough how much that means to me.  I hope that you'll enjoy the full game even more than what you've played already! 

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed the demo and I really hope you'll enjoy the full game in the future too. 

As for Clive, don't fret💕 You'll have the opportunity to ease that suspicion of him early on during the game routes.  He appreciates the love! (Though it does fluster him a tiny bit 😘)

Huh, that's a bug I've never heard before. 🤔 I'll do my best to figure out what might be causing it! A few questions:

  • Does the music play when it opens, or is that muted as well?
  • Do you happen to know what graphics renderer  you're running the game with? I have noticed that the default on a lot of computers (DirectX) has display issues that aren't present with OpenGL - I'm in the process of figuring that one out as well.

A few potential fixes for this:

  • When you launch the game, press shift+G - from there a menu will pop up and you can select to change the renderer. Try another option and see if that fixues it!
  • You can also try updating your Nvidia Drivers or your other GPU drivers.

I believe you have the most recent version for the most part! Since your download a small update was made to script to include less narration and more glimpses into Xani's though process to narrate instead, and one extra scene was added. But those are the only changes made since then and the story + scenes are still the same. :)

I'm watching the playthrough right now; thank you very much for posting it, I am excited to hear your commentary! Thank you for letting me know about the lag at the start. I'll start looking into it and seeing if there's some way to fix the issue and avoid that. :)

Thank you so much for continuing to keep an eye on the project! That really means a lot! Here is a small Shannon to offer you her appreciation :')


Hi! These are very beautiful. I'm actually surprised you have these for free;. What are your rules for using these? Is commercial use okay? Do you want attribution?

Hello! The blue fragment requires completion of at least one good ending before you will be able to grab it. Since the game is still a demo, it will continue to reject you. If people are interested in having a preview into that route, though, I might add one in the next update :)

Pffffft -- in my defense, he started it lmao

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Hello! First of all, I'm loving the atmosphere of this game & the music is spot on. I can't help but be intrigued about where this will go. I'm not finished playing the demo yet and will comment again once I am, but I wanted to mention that I think I may have come across a bug? On the second day, I had a session with Charlie, then Michael. After the break (spent with Elizabeth) I was given the option to choose someone again and Michael was an option. I selected him and the conversation dialogue was the same as before. Figured I'd mention it just in case it's something you haven't caught yet!

Going back to the demo now - can't wait to play more :) Keep up the great work.

Edit: After returning to the demo I went back and decided to choose Tom instead since I was getting the same scene again with Michael, and the score meter overlapped the names of Michael and Tom. Michael's score meter seems to be stuck on the screen and on day three when I selected Michael, I got the same dialogue again.

I hope I'm not being a nuisance in bringing it up ^^; 

Thank you so much for playing the demo and for your kind words! I'm very glad that you enjoyed the demo. There will be an updated demo with an expanded prologue and new GUI that has new features & content coming early next month. Additional CGs will be added too.

I've also fixed up some plot things that I wasn't content with (especially the scene where Xani tells Clive where she moves right away, which I've changed to a dialogue choice). 

Hopefully this will also fix up some of the things that you had issues with, but if you have anything specific you'd like to give input on, please feel free to mention it!

Thank you! The new update should have this fixed up, but if there's any additional issues let me know!

Hi, thanks for playing the demo! I'm really glad you enjoyed what you saw of it. If possible would you be able to let me know where the issues started appearing and what the error message(s) you got were?

Hi there! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the demo. 

A GUI revamp that will include a log feature is scheduled for April. The new interface will also include other goodies like a music box to listen to the soundtrack, a character bio section in the extras, and a way to check the protagonist's social media page to see status updates from the characters that'll give bonus content! 

The estimated play time for the full game will be around 15 hours. If the first stretch goal for the Kickstarter is met this will be expanded to around 20.

Have an awesome day and thank you for playing Heart Fragment!