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Super fun game! Really enjoyed the lovecraftian vibe and the swarming mecanics. I do feel like the swarm can start getting a bit out of hand though, they like to just kinda go off on their own and get lost especially if there are multiple enemies. Had practically half my swarm get killed in my video because they went off to do their own thing off screen which was kinda frustrating. Never the less, love the game and can't wait to play the full version! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Hey! Thanks so much for the video! Yeah we're gonna make the tutorial a lot better so one gets a better understanding of how the minions function and how the "ai" works. It's generally quite bad to rush from one concentrated battle to the next immediately, instead gathering up and then doing a hard hitting push - later on when the levels get really hard it's super important. Minion selection pauses now and if you don't hold attack minions will actively avoid fire (we'll probably put something about that in the tutorial also) ;) 

All the best. Y/CJ/Y