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Well, it's nice and it's atmospheric. At some point I felt really engaged in getting points to make coins to buy the last cartridge. But then the game just... ended with no closure: I bought all the cartridges and a lawnmower, I fed the pumkin with a 100 orbs (I think, there might be a bug here, because there's no counter to check how many orbs do you have and you just kinda give orbs to the pumpkin until it is "too powerful"), I've listened to all the tales S.U.E and the Skull could tell.

I stopped at Day 12.

There's also a funny bug when you could enter the house from being in the water and continue to be in the water while roaming the insides of the house.

All in all, that'd be much better game if I could finally get the pumpkin.

Thanks for playing the game. Also did you find the island past the mower? It to the north east edge of the map. It has a ufo that takes you to the ending.


Welp. Time to play again!