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I can't believe I paid 3 bucks for this. I really did believe it'd be something interesting. Should've at least find some gameplay video.

Thank you, Cupcake8!

My man!

You... you're good, my friend!

Thank you. Communicating these things are a little bit confusing for me still, so I stumble from time to time. Will try to do better!

Seems that you did not do enough chores.

Thank you, man. It was quite an experience.

Hey Jackob, thanks for the game!

Here's the review/critique in Russian.

Мимимишно-хардкорный гоночный платформер Slowdrive, зачем нужно лениться и почему это не то же самое, что прокрастинировать:

Thanks for the game. Here's a review.

Welp. Time to play again!

Well, it's nice and it's atmospheric. At some point I felt really engaged in getting points to make coins to buy the last cartridge. But then the game just... ended with no closure: I bought all the cartridges and a lawnmower, I fed the pumkin with a 100 orbs (I think, there might be a bug here, because there's no counter to check how many orbs do you have and you just kinda give orbs to the pumpkin until it is "too powerful"), I've listened to all the tales S.U.E and the Skull could tell.

I stopped at Day 12.

There's also a funny bug when you could enter the house from being in the water and continue to be in the water while roaming the insides of the house.

All in all, that'd be much better game if I could finally get the pumpkin.

Review and thinkpiece in Russian

That was quickier than I imagined.

The gameplay feels strangely slow.

It is a quick game made with a hard theme. At times it is even too "fun" for the hard stuff it tells about.

I don't think I like it for the gameplay it has, but mostly for the communication it provides.

Thank you, Luka.

This is a little game, made exactly how it should be. Nice story, strong imaging, compelling mechanics - not too easy, not too hard.

I've already played 20 levels - how many are there?

Hello, Bálint! Thank you for the game. I've made a review of the Way Beyond and talked about procedural generation in general. It's in Russian, but I thought that it'd be important for you as the creator to know that it exists, anyway


в игре со стулом смотрится почище, конечно. Вероятно, из-за того, что спрайт пообтекаемее и collision mask не скачет из стороны в сторону.

Ну и да, холистик шит во все края, конечно. Я нашел ВВЗЗК на итчио по запросу obscure, и первое время был уверен, что про нее не знает никто вообще, но в чате Game Club & Pub тут же нашелся человек, который читал про нее на gamin.

Запилил обзор.