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Thank you - yes - this is right.

For our contest we are looking for examples when something bad is happening and witnesses can stop it - or can get help - or can do something else that helps. The type of bad things we are focused on are things that young people often experience.

Examples: bullying (some kids are picking on another kid) or relationship abuse (one kid is yelling at their boyfriend or girlfriend in public) or alcohol (one kid is drinking too much alcohol and it is damaging their life). In all of these examples there are people who either see these things happening or are otherwise aware that they are happening. We want to see what the people who see this happening can do - and should do - to help. The people who witness these things are BYSTANDERS.

When people are witnessing things like this and realize that they should do something that is called BYSTANDER AWARENESS and when the people who witness things like this do something to help that is called BYSTANDER INTERVENTION. 

Please also look at the videos and the other websites in the BYSTANDER RESOURCES section of the game jam page to get better examples.

Thank you for your interest!